A precursor SMG to the T-11 that utilises the same semicircular magazine principle.

A marvel of mundane material sciences, the Varo & Taber T-11 (also colloquially known as the 'Twinfire') combines the functions of a full-auto submachinegun and a semi-automatic revolver into a single firearm, making the weapon large by pistol standards but devastatingly powerful and versatile. Essentially two guns in one, the gun's barrels are oriented vertically - the bottom barrel releasing the smaller SMG bullets, while the top one unleashes the revolver rounds.

The SMG barrel is the fulcrum about which the revolver's chamber rotates, making the chamber wider than standard six-shooters, but with the added benefit of being able to fit either larger or more ammunition depending on the chamber-barrel configuration the user opts for.

The unique magazine of the SMG attaches to the gun at the base of the grip and surrounds the user's thumb, the shells entering the SMG barrel behind the revolver cylinder. Because of the magazine's placement, the revolver utilises a diagonally-offset firing hammer. While the SMG ammunition is limited to a single type of small-arm rounds, the revolver can use standard shells or special-load ammunition, such as gas-expansion rounds, incendiary bullets and more. A disadvantage of the overall revolver-SMG hybrid configuration is that to reload the revolver chamber, SMG fire must cease so that the revolver can be swung forward for loading.

The weapon is a good choice for those seeking to maximise flexibility and portability, making it a popular Subterranean weapon.