The Varo & Taber S14 is a ballistics rifle designed to integrate with a range of attachments to suit a variety of combat roles. It's most distinguishing feature is the use of piezoelectric materials in its barrel and chamber, as well as micro-armatures in its magazine port and receiver, enable the weapon to accomodate a variety calibre sizes.


The weapon is based on a cut-down sniper rifle model, starting just ahead of the magazine port, and ending above the handle. The magazine port is situated directly underneath the weapon's main chamber, a little forward of the handle. It features a single accessory rail on the side opposite to the bolt.

The weapon is loaded by manual bolt-action, limiting its overall rate of fire relative to other common rifles. Although it can accept magazines and intermediate-calibre rounds designed for assault rifles, it's limited rate of fire means it is most often utilised in conjunction with single-fire, higher-powered ammunition such as sniper rounds, slugs or shotgun shells.


Each of the accessories produced by Varo & Taber for the rifle come with a given letter designation, such that the features of a given S14 rifle can be quickly summarised based on the string of letters associated with a particular weapon. Although the weapon features generic attachment rails, accessories produced by other companies are not typically incorporated into the a rifle's defining string of letters. The designation for an S14 with no attachments is S14-C, for compact. As an example, Apolleon Rejkova uses a modified S14-HQRSZ.

  • A - The designation for additional accessory rails, such as over the top of the chamber and extractor assembly.
  • B - Bipod.
  • G - For 'grip' a basic foregrip to be mounted on the default side-rail, or those on the handguard attachment.
  • H - The handguard, featuring built-in accessory rails both on its top and underside.
  • L - Rail-mounted laser sight.
  • Q - For 'quiet', a suppressor.
  • R - For 'range', a sniper barrel
  • S - Stock, rigid or folding varieties available.
  • Z - For 'zoom', a telescopic sight. Necessitates a rail mounted over the extractor assembly, rendering the R designation reduntant for a Z-designated weapon.